Thursday, March 17, 2011

2ne1 in Manila & K-pop Acts

This afternoon I received a message from my friend Jho
about the confirmation of the upcoming "big" event this coming May.
There were speculations that it's gonna be Big Bang
coz I think there were clues that this time it's from YG Entertainment.
Many fangirls went crazy, but unfortunately,
Ms. Happee Sy announced that it's going to be a girl power.
It turned out, it's 2NE1 baby!

     Clap yo hands!!

Ms. Happee Sy has been very supportive of us, fangirls,
 when it comes to trying to bring famous K-pop artists in the Philippines.
Her fiancee,(if I'm not mistaken they got engaged already)
Mr. Vernon Go, is behind the powerful Pulp Summer Slam every year.

Ms. Happee posted that if Mr. Vernon got a slam party
for boys, men and rockstars,
then she got treat for us girls!!
What a brilliant idea I must say!
I enjoyed it last year,
although it was sooo unruly and kinda scary.
It's weird that I also feel sleepy & tired
after hearing those constant noise of electric guitars and hoarse voices.

Well, my boyfriend got a thing for Summer Slam,
and I told him we'll go again this coming April 30th,
coz the next day will be his birthday.
Kinda like an early birthday treat.

I sent him a message that this time it's going to be fair,
coz girls got our own slam party too!!
and I really think this will become an annual event.
I think it will definitely succeed since fangirls are soooo willing to shell out cash
and starve themselves just to save and meet their biases.
Sorry I'm a fangirl too but I don't do extreme things to save money.
If I don't have any, then I don't go.
As simple as that.

Filipino artist might frown again thinking they are taken for granted.
If only they try harder to "level up",
then it won't be hard for them to get this kind of attention
the international artists are getting.

I hope it's going to be a girly version,
then there should be event shirts sponsored by a big clothing company.
Summer Slam got Tribal,
so what about us? maybe, SPAO? Fila? lol

there's no way it's going to be Vondutch.
There should be liquors too!
Tanduay Ice is ok! lol

I still don't have any idea on what it will turn out,
since the venue, if it's in SMX Convention hall
and not MOA open grounds, will be too small.

Until now I'm sad that I didn't get to to see
F.T. Island and Super Show 2, & 3 of Super Junior.
For F.T.I., mom & bf disapproved,
too late she became Hongki's fan because of He's beautiful
a month after their concert at PICC.
For Super Show, the tickets are pain in the @ss,
and don't forget the young rabid fangirls
that I could possibly bump into and start a war.
Yeah right some of my friends told me
that they've gotten into some verbal fights.

Psssh those little.... bitches... 
ok anyways.. I'm excited!!

I've seen Rain's concert, U-Kiss, 4minute, Mighty Mouth,
Winterplay and of course
But I won't stop til I see my favorite Taemin.

Too bad he didn't make it last 2009,
coz he acquired swine flu.

Still hoping for more K-pop acts this year,
and possibly
SM Town Concert and SHINee World tour in 2012,
 hopefully before doomsday.
Oh~ what is life~

The concert is now moved. June 4. Araneta Coliseum ^^

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