Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grammy Awards 2011: Fashion, Makeup, and Egg

I need some typing therapy to do.^^
I decided to express my point of view regarding Grammy's,
and my favorite stars that appeared on the red carpet.

Grammy Award has been the most coveted of all,
but in my honest opinion,
I dunno how they come up with some of the winners.
One good example is Katy Perry.
She got 4 nominations,
but she ended up going home with her Grammy,
or rather Grandma.

It's just similar around 2001 I think,
 when Britney Spears,
raking most of the best female awards for VMA,
AMA, Europe Music Award, People's Choice,
and Kid's Choice, loses the Grammy to Christina Aguilera.
So I really don't expect much now.
(and I remember her crying and depressed and I was hella mad lol)

I think most of the stars that I like wore clothes that are simply my taste,
like, nothing extraordinary and still wearable.
2011 is the year of metal rabbit,
and stars now dig metallic, futuristic, disco-ball inspired tops.
Happy to know that it's in!!

Jennifer Lopez
cr:just jared 

 J.Lo wore an Emilio Pucci dress,
Christian Louboutin spiked shoes, 
Cartier jewels,
and a Goa crystal clutch
by Daniel Swarovski.

Life is unfair!
how can she bear twins and still look fucking bomb?
I love the old J.Lo and the new J.Lo.
Her fashion sense and makeup didn't change much.
Still stylish and classy.
Her makeup is still simple, nude and dewy.

Hubby Marc is wearing
a Gucci made to order tuxedo
and black leather lace ups.

Kim Kardashian
cr. fashionista101

she wore a stunning gold
Kaufman Franco halter gown

a serpent cuff

and nude Christian Louboutin
peep-toe pumps.

The Kardashians are the next best thing
that happened to makeup since J.Lo,
and I love her and her family as well.
Many were asking what the hell is she doing in there?
Well, her presence alone at the red carpet is enough.
No need for explanations.
I saw from another website that she was invited just to attract attention.
Well, it really caught mine!

I love her bombshell curly locks 
and the clip in extensions that
complimented her gown,
and of course, I love her makeup to death.
She wore metallic eyeshadow in gold,
fabulous lashes paired with plumpy peachy nude lips.
I cant wait for Joyce,
or Mario Dedivanovic or Troy Jensen 
whoever did her makeup here
to give her fans the breakdown of the product she uses! 

Obviously, it's my favorite look of all! 
I'm a big Kardashian fan,
therefore, a dash doll.^^

I dunno what P.Diddy is wearing and I'm not researching. lol 

Katy Perry
a studded bustier Giorgio Armani gown
Casadei heels,
 jewelry fromThomas Sabo
and white angelic wings
Many fashion gurus said her atiire was a boo boo.
But I really think it's awesome.

Like a one of a kind,
 brilliant & lovely wedding gown.
She really gave me an idea on what to wear on my wedding day.
Except for the wings of course.  

I love her bright, colorful, candy makeup.
For her top eyelid, the shades were glittery purple with some pinks in it.
For her lower lash line, a gold eyeliner,
and green eyeshadow.
Cheeks were bright, bubble gummy,
and lips were bright fushia. 

Last but not the least, 

 Lady Gaga

She rocked the red carpet last year,
and by far the best gimmick I've ever seen.
Uniqueness and Glamour in one.
that's an iridescent custom-made Giorgio Armani Prive gown
and a legendary shoes made by I dunno who
Her makeup is damn awesome!
She made me love pinks even more.
That's the makeup that
I'll definitely wear on my wedding day as well.

What a weird wedding isn't it?

Let's look back more of her look last year.

What's more unique to it is that she's wearing a faux hair and scalp.
Those hairs were attached to her gown.

So I waited for her grand entrance this year,
and here's what I got.

Yep. An EGG.

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