Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beautiful Creatures "Ridley" Inspired Makeup

So I'm into Glam Goth these days and I came across this film a month ago, as my sister in law have suggested. We had a marathon with my laptop and decided to watch two flicks, 
Beautiful Creatures and Warm Bodies. Both movies were good, romance was there.. girly with a twist.The costumes, props and makeups were all too damn awesome for Beautiful Creatures,however I didn't like the story that much. As for Warm Bodies, I really love it.
It's funny. touching, freaky and scary at the same time. I love the twist too.I always have this recurrent dream of being chased by zombies, and I'm really scared of the idea of the zombie apocalypse.

Going back to Beautiful Creatures, the story's based from a book. I remember last year a saw a promotional poster of it at the MRT station. I saw vines, and that infamous gothic gate that I really love. While watching the movie I was thrilled to see my husband and I's dream house. The Ravenwood house.

The idea of an old gothic look with vines came from him, while the black and white interior were from me. Wish we could build it asap.

The dinner scene's quite amusing for me coz I love the creativity they did using twigs and withered trees.

Emily Rossum, the actress who portrayed Ridley reminds me of Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani. She's really hot and her role's quite bad ass. How I wish I can also cast that seducing - kill -yourself spell on males, coz there really are guys that I want to drown in the water.

For my Ridley Duchannes FOTD, here's  the list of  products I used:

Jazzy Cream Foundation
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette
Fashion 21 Two Way Powder Foundation
Christian Dior Two Way Powder Foundation

Sugar Skull Cosmetics 120 Rainbow Palette
Sephora Smokey Collections Makeup Kit
Christian Dior Pencil Eyeliner in Noir
Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara
Etude House Code B Gel Eyeliner


Maybelline Mineral Blush in Original Rose

Sugar Skull Cosmetics 66 Lip Palette

I'm also inlove with Ridley's black dress, it reminds me when Givenchy, Valentino and Gucci went Goth for Fall.

She's wearing black lace Sue Wong dress.

How do you find Emily Rossum's role as Ridley? what about her dress? :)

If you're a real horror freak I would like to recommend that movie that gave me a sleepless night and nightmares. Thanks to my husband, I discovered the film Evil Dead. 

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