Monday, December 23, 2013

Hair Problem Solved

I never had hair problems. I'm blessed with straight healthy hair. I remember my elementary classmates used to envy my long luscious locks, and how my college friends tell me my hair reminds me of a shampoo commercial.. that i just need to finger comb it, it was never messy. I was born bald, and I had my hair a bit long at the age of 3, so my mom decided to let my hair grow. At the age of 7, it was up to my waist. I had a perfect long hair with a natural reddish brown shade.

Til the age of 13 I kept that hair.I had the image of a white girl with long locks, then I got bored.I cut it, shoulder level. Since then, I had a hard time growing it long again.

my rinoa Heartilly inspired haircut way back in highschool.

I was already working when I started playing with hair dyes.. and hair bleach.
It's still healthy though, a bit dry on the tips, but still shiny and straight.

small  pics:copper blonde, bleach blonde, newly bleached hair, 
large pic: tricia haircolor in red that I bought from Malaysia

Then I learned the power of scissors and cutting my own hair.I just don't know when to stop whenever it's in my hands. I've been blonde, gothic, and a mess (uneven color) when I tried blonde, I had a hard time matching it with my eyebrows, or even my makeup. General rule is that I shouldn't look pale or too washed out, it was tough.

I won L'oreal and Maybelline's big contest for cutting and dyeing my own hair.

these were the goodies I received, but then I received something better than this coz they added a cat-eye mascara,  and the eyeshadow shades were in gold and green hues, which I love.

more hair evolution pics

I have love and hate relationship with black. Sometimes it looks good on me.
I love how it matches smokey eyes.. and the way it gives off a glam goth feel.


Dye..cut.. it has been a cycle for me, until I found out I'm expecting a baby and that's the last time I touched my hair. The last haircut I had was November 2012. Last time I dyed it red it that faded into Chestnut was February 2013. Since I was pregnant, so I had to stop everything!!

For almost a year I didn't touch it, now it's a mess. Top part (virgin hairs) were black, starting from the ear part it's light brown. EEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!
It never happened to me, having my hair grow without retouching the color.
It's like an ombre hair gone bad, but my husband said it's beautiful. Oh well...

Look at the biggest relief I got when I saw this picture of my fave Kylie at the Believe premiere. My hair's almost like this!! I realized it's still pretty. But I have to dye it after a month or two. Old folks told me I should wait for 2 months. Second month will be January.

When curled, it's as pretty as this one.

Seeing her hair like this finally solved my problem, which means mine doesn't look too bad. I'm just worried that it looks awful, glad it isn't. At least my hair's not curly, wavy, fluffy or whatever you call it.. those are common problems for women, that's why having it rebonded is their option. Still lucky mine's silky straight. I think I'm gonna dye it black instead, once I have a chance.Most local celebrities are now dark heads like Anne Curtis & Solenn Heussaff.

Which color suits me best? how about my cut? My hair's too long now, I think it's an advantage of being too busy.I want to cut it but then my husband once again told me he loves my hair being long..

Next up I might be reviewing my December favorites.. These two lovely things are definitely included. Sephora's Customizable Smokey Collection Palette and Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire Eau De Parfum

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