Sunday, December 6, 2015

Skull Girl

December post! It's supposed to be late post for end of November, but I forgot to publish it!
I guess I'll just be blogging my heart away since I miserably fail filming the process of doing my makeup, but then I'm still too eager to shoot a shorter video tonight and I really hope this will be the first video I'll upload on my Youtube Channel.

For today's look, it's inspired by my favorite makeup look of all time, the half-girl half-skull, or simply the Skull girl concept. I've done a half skull look in the past, If I'm not mistaken it has been 5 years ago, and I still think it's pretty dope for a beginner to try it out.. (plus the help of Photoshop) Still, I thirst for a better Skull Girl look without the help of of PS so I gathered up my makeups and face paint and planned the day ahead. Luckily it's my younger bro's day off, so I asked him to help and do the outline for the other half of my face. My bro is an art teacher and he has mastered artworks though paints and airbrush. Doing the outline for skulls were too easy for him. 

On the right side of my face I did my own take of iconic red lips paired with sleek eyebrows and cat eyes. I also did a few eye contouring since I'm not into super winged liners coz it makes my eyes look smaller. I also did soft contouring on my cheeks, nose, forehead and jawline using a darker face powder.

Product Deets

Quick fx Oil Mattifier/Primer
Naturactor Cover Face Cream Foundation
Revecen Cream Foundation in Nude Beige
Naturactor Powder Foundation
Heroine make Smooth Finishing Powder

Makeup Geek Matte Eyeshadow in Mocha
Nichido Mineral Pencil in Chestnut
Avon brow pencil in soft black
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Brush


Mac Eyeshadow in Tempting
Makeupgeek eyeshadow in Badabing
Makeupgeek eyeshadow in Corrupt
Christian Dior Eyeliner in Noir
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black
Clinique High Impact Mascara
Glintz False Eyelashes
Revlon eyelash curler


Revecen Mineral Powder blush in Orange
Revecen Mineral Powder Blush in Sandy Brown


Mac lipstick in Russian Red

For the left side of my face I sectioned it into half with white face paint from Glamour, and my bro started working it out by doing outlines that resembles that of a skull and filled each with black face paint. After that we just shadowed it out with my matte black eye shadow which is Corrupt from Makeup Geek.

Here's the finished look. My post may be short but the process of doing this took a lot of time, two memory cards have exceeded their memory so I just gave up filming it. I think I should do two separate looks for each instead of one long video.

You can check out my Instagram for more videos about this look and more. @thevirtualvixen

Lastly, I'm so lucky to receive an early Christmas gift from my very own Santa... Yes, I'm talking about my husband. This is the second makeup traincase I received from him this year and this time, it has 4 bulbs!

Just in time for my makeup gig this month, my batchmate/colleague Jurish's wedding day. I was already planning to bring my ring light though it's too bulky, then my husband said I should buy a traincase with light. I was torn between 4 bulbs and 6 bulbs, but the 6 bulb is too big! I don't think I can easily bring it on not so big makeup gigs. I want it handy and cute, besides I already have my ring light if I need to film or do some portrait photography. I'm literally on cloud nine!

As I've mentioned before I'm all out when buying makeups but I'm a bit skeptical to buy them a house, a traincase I mean. It has always been my husband who decides that just like his guitars, my makeups need a shelter, and as my makeup collection grows, then I should add a shelter for them, or buy another one.

This is just the beginning for my makeup journey. Harmonium Music Studio just opened last November 18th, and I was tasked to become their Makeup/Beauty Instructor under art class, so aside from being a dance instructor, I'll be doing another stuff that I love! Life can be really hard at times, but once the blessing comes, it's overflowing.

Thanks for reading guys! Unfortunately, no video on my channel yet! But soon enough, I'll be uploading one, and I really can't wait to share it with you.

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