Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kiss Me by Isehan Heroine Make Jewelry Eyes

Summer hues and summer inspired color palettes were a must these days and I'm lucky enough to have my own Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry eye in Yellow Sapphire and Pink Amethyst. Yellow and pink for the eyelids? Yes! It's not the bright yellow and bright pink eyeshadows that you think, it's more on the sheer and shimmery side paired with glittery neutral  eyeshadows on the same palette.
The eyeshadows were soft to touch, the texture and consistency were like the fusion of cream  and mousse. In terms of color pay off and pigmentation, it's exceptional. The fine glitters can easily brighten the eyes, and the best part of it is that it has its own shimmery cream type base/primer. The eyeshadow primer itself is already glittery, then once the other eyeshadows were applied and layered on, brace yourselves for the explosion of glitters and pigments.

Available in four shades: Yellow Sapphire, Beige Gold, Pink Amethyst and 
I have lots of ideas on how to wear them or what to pair them but I'm still too busy to recreate different look these days. Though I don't have much time to play with colors I often grab for the Yellow Sapphire palette for my everyday neutral eyes. Pink amethyst were actually meant for fair skinned girls but I prefer those with anything gold in it.


Yellow Sapphire
It has pearl-white cream base, glittery vanilla eyeshadow for brow bones and outer crease, yellow gold eyeshadow for inner crease and dark silver eyeshadow for outer V and eyelining.

Pink Amethyst
It has pale pink cream base, white gold eyeshadow for outer crease and brow bones, baby pink glittery eyeshadow for inner crease and purplish grey eyeshadow for outer V and eyelining.

Thumbs Up

- it already has e a primer/eyeshadow base in one compact so the rest of the eyeshadow is guaranteed to stay in place sinc eit has something to adhere with. The primer also helps to make the colors pop out even more and intensifies the glitters.

- each shades complement each other for easier mixing and matching.
- there's a step by step procedure for the eyeshadow application at the back of its packaging so you'll know where to apply and which eyeshadow to use
-The applicator has dual purpose. The bigger flat one's for applying eyeshadow on the crease and browbones, while the pointed one's for outer v and eyelining.

- very pigmented and glittery

- It has a staying power and almost waterproof/rub proof. I tried to rub it off when I don't want the glitters anymore but nothing has changed, still glittery as ever.
- it's actually cheap, considering the good color pay off and quality.
- the lighter shades can be used as a highlighter. I used it for highlighting my brow bones, bridge of my nose, cheekbones and my lip's cupid's bow.

Thumbs Down
- the primer isn't those for oily eyelids coz it's cream type. there's a chance of eyeshadow creasing if used on oily lids.
- if you're not a fan of glittery and shimmery eyeshadows then this one's not for you.
- an oil based eye makeup remover's a must for removing those tiny glitters.

Fresh looking makeup if eye jewelries were used on eyelids, brow bone and cheekbones
My selfie of my FOTD using Kiss me by Isehan Heroine Make Eye Jewelry in Yellow Sapphire. All pictures were taken using my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone ( my new blog buddy!)
 I love the eyeshadows. I have a penchant these days for everything gold, and finally I've found a replacement for my old favorite eyeshadow from Maybelline (Eyestudio Diamond Eyeshadow) that has been discontinued. They're almost similar to each other, but Kiss Me eye jewelry's more glittery. Now my next wishlist is to buy Kiss Me Eye Jewelry in Beige Gold.

My cousin Atta Marie will soon be reviewing the Pink Amethyst palette on her blog, so watch out for that. Thanks for reading!

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