Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sunkissed in Boracay Island

It really is summer now in the Philippines! The scorching heat of the sun didn't stop us for playing all day under the sun and the on shore. Last April my family, friends and I went to the most beautiful beach that ever existed in my country: The Boracay Island. With it's true blue sea water and fine white sand, it really attracts thousands of tourist all over the globe. You'll always bump into foreigners having a good time whether it's day or night. I'm jealous of their gorgeous sun-baked tan that gives them a peachy glow and I was already imagining what makeup hues could definitely flatter their post sun-tanned skin. I wanted to bake myself but since my baby's with me and he sweats a lot just by walking on shaded places I couldn't really stay near the shore even if I want to.

Boracay Must Haves & Must Try:

It looks fun to get one but I think the Iverson-type of braids for me is a bit No-No so I just let my husband try it since he has long hair. It took one hour to finish the whole look and it costs 300 pesos. He was sweating the whole time (though it was done at night) and he said it's a bit painful (but I think it really is painful) because of hair tugging and pulling, but it's definitely worth it and it lasts for a week. He even said it's easier to swim coz his hair's tied pretty neatly and not a single strand blocked his eyes.

Henna Tattoo

This I really want, price available upon request. However I couldn't really sit still because my son couldn't even stay still on my lap. They can make bigger tattoos on your back, chest, shoulders and even the one that I fancied: Indian henna artworks for my hand


I've seen a lot of foreigners getting a massage but I don't have any idea for it's price. Most masseuse will offer you a message then maybe you can negotiate with them if you're for whole body or half body (either lower or upper) massage. 


This I missed in the island, coz I wasn't able to get one. It's available in Station 4 Beach Bar. It looks quite good and tempting but that night that I saw mojitos my tummy was so upset due to hyper acidity.. I should blame the watermelon-pineapple shake I had that afternoon.

Fire dance

You have to buy a bucket of liquor to sit down and wait for the fire dancers to perform in front of you. The blazing Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers will entertain you all night long dancing to the latest dance craze in the country, and you can take pictures with them... and try not to look scared. Don't worry coz they're pros, they won't burn you..
baby's up all night long, watching the fire dancers and eating all the chips on our table.

Water Sports and Activities
Para-sailing, banana boat, helmet diving, and more.. they're all in Station 4. Though some were costly for just a few minutes of thrill and happiness, just think of the famous saying money can't buy happiness. I actually haven't tried it, still coz of my kid.
my best friend having the time of her life in the water.

Calamansi Muffin

Calamansi Muffin's really famous even online as some tries to wait for their turn and it takes a week just to get their order. I've tasted it in Real Coffee and Tea Cafe thanks to my former classmate in college named Kaine. He's now a lifeguard in Boracay and it was his treat. It was deliciously baked muffin with a strong taste of calamansi. The tanginess is just right and not overwhelming. My son likes it, to think he doesn't like sour-tasting food.

What  you should bring for your beach trip:

Watching the sunset with my bffs
- bikinis, maillots, bathing suits, rash guards, swimming trunks.. any type of swimwear you're comfortable in. As a typical girl I got 5 pairs of bikinis with me for just a 2 days (whole day stay) and can you imagine I wore all of those? Everytime we go back to our room and decided to go out after a few hours, I change my swimwear. 

In Boracay they actually care less of what you're wearing, or even body flaws or body issues. Be confident and hit the waves.

- comfortable summer outfit for a nice walk along the beach like sun dress/maxi dress, sando, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, spaghetti tops, bustier (like what I wore) or just cover ups. 

To add extra style to an ordinary summer outfit I wore barefoot sandals that I've bought from Sapphire8. Everybody likes it! It's pink.

- sunblock. Lots of it. Be sure to apply more of it on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and shoulders. They're the part most prone to sunburns.

- plastic bags for your wet clothes.

- Every girl's must have: Kikay kit. Few days before our trip I've packed this summer must have essentials for me. I chose all the peachy toned and earth toned makeups I have coz I'm ready to pair it with my sunkissed skin. But just when I also thought I could bring up few I ended up bringing more than what I need.. just in case.

Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation in Beige, Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Badabing (inside Mac's single e/s pan) Maybelline Baby lips lip balm, MAc Sheertone blush in Springsheen, Mac Lustre Lipstick in Flamingo, Nichido mineral/precision eye pencil for eyebrows and Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire miniature perfume
- If you're bringing your babies with you, bring LOTS OF DIAPERS. We ran out of it, and sadly most diapers we've bought from those stores in Bora were all expired! (Exp date: Sept. 2012) OMG it's 2015 already. Good thing I immediately saw the expiration date.

What to expect if you visit Boracay during the peak of Summer:

- algae. They're everywhere. 
- scorching heat of the sun. Yes I know why summer's called summer, but knowing how hot it is in our country, you won't bake yourself under the sun, you'll toast yourself rather. The heat can be annoying.
- though most stores and restos were open, brace yourself for the slew of tourists and vacationist. Kaine told me that the best months to visit Bora were from October to December.
- most stores and restos were open, so night parties were everywhere!

Photo Flood! More pics that I would like to share with you during our  Boracay Vacation:

Thanks for reading and have a happy summer! xoxoxoxoxo

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